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Stress can be quite a controversial subject with some people not “believing” in it and others claiming stress is a good thing.

To be clear – stress is not a good thing!

Pressure can be motivating, for a while.  As long as we feel that we have control.  Stress results from a perceived imbalance of demands and available resources to meet those demands.  If we feel we can meet the demands with some effort, then we feel pressured, if those demands are well outside of our resources then we feel stress or strain.

When we are stressed the body prepares us for “Fight or Flight” and releases various hormones to release energy and put mind and body in a heighten state of alertness.  However, often there is nowhere for this energy to be used and this results in various negative symptoms and emotions, e.g. tension headaches and irritability.

Over time the effects of chronic stress can be very serious and have been linked to coronary heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have both been shown to be effective methods of reducing stress and can help give you the tools to cope with modern life.

Over time stress can be become anxiety or depression.  The NHS website has a useful online tool for assessing your mood.

I offer a range of services for stress and related issues.

Initial consultations are free and carry no obligation, so why not contact me today?

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